Tahu Stars (Being)
Affiliation: Tahu Stars
Occupation: Leader
First Appearance: Civil War, Chapter 1
Last Appearance: Invasion, Chapter 10
Colours: Mata Red, Orange, Gold(Sometimes)
Status: Missing
Home Base: Bedroom(Formerly), Kitchen

Creation and Life: 2010-2011Edit

Tahu Stars tried to take control from the moment he was built; however, though the rest of the Stars were built by the sets they were remakes of, it is unknown whether or not he was built by Tahu Mata. He is the one responsible for the Civil War between the Bionicles, and has also gone to war against Hero Factory.

Important Events:

2010 - Built; Goes to war against Tahu Mata, dividing the Bionicles, and also ending up at war with Hero Factory.

2011 - War with both Tahu Mata and Hero Factory continues.


Like any normal set, Tahu Stars does have his allies, whether they bother him or not. The most notable ones include:

1. Takanuva Stars

2. Pridak

3. Mantax

4. Irnakk

5. Nektann Stars

6. Roodaka (Formerly; Deceased)

7. Ahkmou

8. Kazi


If you're gonna have allies, that means you must have enemies... and Tahu Stars has made several.

1. Tahu Mata

2. Lewa Mata

3. Zaktan

4. Nuju v2 (Formerly; Deceased)

5. Maxilos

6. Karzahni

7. Vezon w/ Fenrakk

8. Vezon w/ Kardas

9. Von Nebula (Formerly; Deceased)

10. William Furno (Formerly; Deceased)

11. Fire Lord

12. Nex 2.0

13. ALMIGHTY (Formerly; Vanished)


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