Tahu Mata (Being)
Tahu Mata1
Affiliation: Tahu Mata
Occupation: Leader
First Appearance: Civil War, Chapter 1
Last Appearance: Invasion, Chapter 10
Colours: Mata Red, Orange
Status: Missing
Home Base: Bedroom(Formerly), Spare Bedroom

Creation and Life: 2001-2011Edit

Tahu Mata was the very first set to ever be built; as a result, the Bionicles named him as their leader. Since then he has ruled fairly, with few others attempting to acheive power.

Important Events:

2001 - Built, nominated as leader.

2003 - Forced Rahkshi into submission.

2005 - Placed the first Bionicle (Roodaka) into prison for attempting to kill him.

2007 - Uncovered the Barraki's attempt to take his position, places them into prison with Roodaka.

2008 - Teases Tahu Mistika with Tahu Nuva, after he tries to take control.

2010 - Goes to war with Tahu Stars, ends up at war with Hero Factory as well.

2011 - The war with Tahu Stars and Hero Factory continues.

The Nex Paradox

Tahu Mata is the being who has the ability to stop the Nex Paradox from continuing, because he was both killed but alive (After the New Brotherhood's assassination attempt to 'stop the war from happening'.) and he was then allied with the Bionicles and Vertak who knew the world they lived in was a Paradox. He fights his way out of Nex 2.0's army and leaps through the time machine just after Gamma appears in the Nex Paradox. Tahu Mata manages to change the events of the start of the Nex Paradox by standing there. Ehlek stops the assassination group from coming, and soon they begin to disappear back into 2011, in the Original Timeline, the Nex Paradox now not having been created. Tahu Mata realizes that every set has to be built, and he builds his own set in 2001. When he finishes, he disappears too, while the Tahu Mata of 2001 becomes ruler.


Although he has many allies (for instance, everybody in his army), there are a couple select sets that Tahu Mata has complete trust in. These are:

1. Lewa Mata

2. Onua Mata

3. Gali Mata

4. Tahu Nuva

5. Kopaka Nuva

6. Maxilos

7. Strakk

8. Nuju Hordika (Formerly; Deceased)


And likewise, Tahu Mata also has several enemies. The largest ones are:

1. Tahu Stars

2. Takanuva Stars

3. Irnakk

4. Vezon w/ Fenrakk

5. Vezon w/ Kardas

6. All of the Barraki (except for Carapar)

7. Roodaka (Formerly; Deceased)

8. Von Nebula (Formerly; Deceased)

9. William Furno (Formerly; Deceased)

10. Fire Lord

11. Nex 2.0

12. ALMIGHTY (Formerly; Vanished)


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