The leader, Tahu Mata, in the front; in the back left his second in command, Lewa Mata, can be seen.

The ArmyEdit

This army used to include every single Bionicle set ever created; it was formed shortly before the arrival of the Stars to prepare for the arrival of Hero Factory. When the Stars arrived, Tahu Stars attempted to take control of it; instead, he split it in half, with Tahu Mata managing to keep control of half while Tahu Stars took control of the other. The army is led by none other than Tahu Mata himself, the very first Bionicle set built in the house. The second in command is Lewa Mata, who was the second set ever built. Early on in the Civil War, Pohatu Mata and Kopaka Mata were both killed, negating the army's ability to use the Akamai and Wairuha combiners. Since then, the army has sustained few heavy losses, and has actually had some Bionicles transfer from Tahu Stars' army to theirs.

Known MembersEdit


Tahu Mata (Leader); Alive

Lewa Mata (2nd in Command); Alive

Pohatu Mata; Deceased

Gali Mata; Alive

Kopaka Mata; Deceased

Onua Mata; Deceased

Turaga Onewa; Alive

Turaga Matau; Alive


Tahu Nuva; Alive

Kopaka Nuva; Alive

Gali Nuva; Alive

Lewa Nuva; Alive

Pohatu Nuva; Alive

Onua Nuva; Alive

Akamai Nuva; Alive, Non-Existent (Combiner)

Lehvak (#s 1-19); 17 Still Alive

Tahnok (#s 1-19); 19 Still Alive

Kohrak (#s 1-19); 19 Still Alive


Takanuva; Alive

Makuta; Alive


Krekka; Alive

Nidhiki; Alive


Nuju Hordika; Deceased

Matau Hordika; Deceased

Vakama Hordika; Alive

Whenua Hordika; Alive

Nokama Hordika; Deceased


Zaktan; Alive (Possibly Immortal)

Vezok; Alive

Avak; Alive

Hakann; Alive

Nuparu Inika; Alive


Karzahni; Alive

Lesovikk; Alive

Hydraxon; Alive

Dekar; Alive

Maxilos; Alive


Pohatu Mistika w/ Rockoh T3; Alive

Lewa Mistika w/ Axalara T9; Alive

Icarax; Alive

Bitil; Alive

Vamprah; Alive

Chirox; Alive

Antroz Phantoka; Alive

Mutran; Alive

Antroz Mistika w/ Jetrax T6; Deceased

Antroz Mistika w/ Jetrax T6 Special Edition; Deceased

Vultraz; Alive (Currently lost in the future)


Gresh; Alive

Strakk; Alive

Malum; Alive

Tarix; Alive

Gelu; Alive

Mata-Nui; Alive


Skrall Stars (#s 14 & 15); Both Still Alive

Main CharactersEdit

There are several characters in this army that have become important in the comedy.

1. Tahu Mata - As the leader, he is also one of the main characters of the comedy. He's usually not in the field as much as Tahu Stars, meaning he gets less screen time, but many of the Bionicles prefer him anyway because they know him and because he'll step down if it's done diplomatically.

2. Lewa Mata - The second in command, and usualy Tahu Mata's public face. He'll often lead groups into battle, including the Toa Nuva, and if often paired with Tahu Nuva.

3. Maxilos - A cunning set that thinks somewhat like a robot. He is very strong, and able to take on sets much larger than him with little difficulty. It was recently revealed that this is because he was glued together, allowing him to be more reckless.

4. Tahu Nuva - He is often seen leading groups into battle with Lewa Mata, and is also the leader of the Toa Nuva. So far, he has been extremely lucky, having barely survived several attacks during the comedy.

5. Strakk - A white Glatorian that has proved himself to be a worthy combatant. Though he has not quite reached the level of Tahu Nuva yet, he is quickly becoming one of Tahu Mata's most trusted soldiers, and may well end up as a bodyguard to the Toa.

6. Zaktan - The green Piraka set. None of the Piraka, including him, have done much during the war so far; however, each of them has been assigned to a tribe of Bohrok and Bohrok-Va, along with the corresponding Bohrok-Kal. Zaktan was seemingly killed by Rotor in battle, but managed to stay alive. He will often break the fourth wall, though he can't seem to find it.


-This army was originally run by Tahu Mata, with the other five Toa Mata forming a council directly below him; however, with the deaths of Kopaka Mata and Pohatu Mata, Lewa Mata has become 2nd in Command, while Gali Mata and Onua Mata have become prison guards.