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The ArmyEdit

Hero Factory is a line of sets launched in 2010, that quickly formed their own army. They are enemies with the Bionicles, and one 2010 Hero Factory hero is as strong as three Toa Mata. Von Nebula was their leader until Chapter 6 of Invasion, where the guest star Flynn destroyed him. The surviving members of the 2010 army are all currently locked up in a prison by the 2.0 army, though Rotor and Meltdown are still at large.

Known MembersEdit


Von Nebula (Former Leader); Deceased

William Furno (2nd in Command); Deceased

Vapour; Deceased

Thresher (Bulk v2); Deceased

Duncan Bulk; Deceased

Preston Stormer; Deceased

Jimi Stringer; Alive (Captured)

Meltdown; Alive

Rotor; Alive

Thunder; Deceased

Natalie Breez; Deceased

Mark Surge; Alive (Captured)

Xplode; Alive (Captured)

Dropship w/ Pilot; Destroyed/Deceased

Furno v2 w/ Furno Bike; Deceased/Destroyed

Corrodor; Deceased


Fire Lord (Leader); Alive (Controlled by ALMIGHTY)

(Julius) Nex 2.0 (2nd in Command); Alive

Jetbug; Alive

(William) Furno 2.0; Alive

Main CharactersEdit

Like the other armies, Hero Factory has a few characters that end up appearing more than the others.

1. Von Nebula - As the former leader of Hero Factory, he appeared several times; he killed Roodaka, and nearly killed Maxilos before being destroyed by Flynn.

2. Rotor & Meltdown - These two are rarely seen away from each other, which is different fro mthe official story, where it's Rotor and Xplode. Currently they are the only 2010 Hero Factory sets that have escaped inprisonment.

3. Fire Lord - The current leader of Hero Factory, who has become a puppet of sorts for ALMIGHTY; it's unknown what Fire Lord himself is really like, as ALMIGHTY appears to be possessing him.

4. Julius Nex 2.0 - The current second in command, and a merciless one at that. He is brutal, and completely evil. He won't settle until every last enemy of his is dead... or he is.


-Hero Factory is the only army in the comedy so far that hasn't been kicked out of their original base; Tahu Mata originally had control of the Bedroom before Tahu Stars claimed it, and then Hero Factory kicked Tahu Stars out.